Ever had those time when you really, really need your files from your computer while your at school but you forget to save it in your thumb drive? Say goodbye to those time by using Dropbox

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a file-hosting service, which saves your files to the cloud (read: internet), automatically from it “physical” location. And you got 2 GB worth of free storage!

You’ll get a Dropbox folder on your computer when you create a Dropbox account

So what does that means?

Back up
Back up any kind of files

All your files that you put in the Dropbox folder will be automatically and continuously backed up on the cloud (if your hard drive fails you, you’ll still have your files, but be warned that deleting your files on the physical location will delete them all together on Dropbox).


Dropbox web interface, never bring a thumb drive to class again

All those folders that you configure to be synced with Dropbox can be easily accessible with Dropbox web interface (any browser), mobile apps (iOS, WP7, Android), and any computers that you associate your Dropbox account to (some installation required).

Dropbox iPhone app


Dropbox menu (Mac OS X)

Like I mentioned above, you can access all your Dropbox folders on any computers that you want. So let’s say I have a desktop and a laptop. On both of ’em, I’ve installed and logged in to the Dropbox client. I’ll have an identical Dropbox folder in both computers.

The “SEM” folder is being synced

When I create a new file in my laptop, the new file will automatically be created (this is what we called synchronization). And for example if I switched to a new laptop, all my files will be automatically be fetched from the internet, and saved on the computer. And I don’t have to go through the hassle of transferring files to an external drive auparavant.

File sharing

And one other significant advantage of Dropbox is file sharing. Within each Dropbox folder, you’ll be given a “Public” folder. All those files you put in there, can be accessed by anybody with a link to it.

Or if you so choose, you can share any folder or files with your friends, all you need to do is select the share option in the web interface, and enter the email of the friends with whom you wish to share the files or folders with.

  • To profit most of these features, you’ll need internet connections, continuous syncing will cost you lots of bandwidth (if you are capped). However, your files in your hard drive will remain there without the internet connection, and will be automatically synced whenever you’re connected again.
  • Deleting files from the Dropbox folder, will delete it on the server too. You’ll lose it forever.

Further tips
  • Lifehacker (one of my favorite site) has lots of great tips on using Dropbox, check ’em out here: lifehacker.com
  • If you’re going to create a Dropbox account, and want more than 2GB, click on my referral link and we both get 250MB each: dropbox.com

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