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What’s your name? When did you arrive in France?

Fansurina Ramli (INTEC – JPA French Program 7 : FP7)
26th September 2006

Where are you from in Malaysia? Your old school?

Currently staying at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan
Tunku Kurshiah College, Seremban

Where do you live/study now? What course are you taking?

Master 2 Génie Civil, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
Civil Engineering (the only student)

Why do you chose the current city/university/course? Why in France? What motivate you?

It has always been my dream to pursue my studies in civil engineering. I love buildings so much I wish I could participate to ‘make’ it – that was what I have always said since I was small. Since I wasn’t really good in drawing and I find architecture can be a bit unrealistic (not really match myself), I’ve decided to adopt civil engineering as my career later on.

I had a choice between doing civil engineering immediately in Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Tronoh or JPA French Program where we wasn’t sure if they allowed you to do civil engineering after 2 years of preparation in France. But somehow I saw hopes burning in my parents eyes even though they had said nothing. So, I chose JPA French Program hoping that my parents bless would make everything alright.

and I had it right. 🙂

Do you have anything to do besides studying (business/hobby/works)?

Of course. I love photography and recently I discovered that I actually really, like really, like to read books. I blog too!

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Current university, city, environments

Grenoble is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains. In winter, you could go skiing almost every weekend in any ski station nearby like Chamrousse , 7 Laux or a little bit far but still in the region, the famous Charmonix-Mont-Blanc. In summer, there’s quite lot of interesting activities being proposed such as open air cinema in different spot.

Grenoble is just two hours away from Geneva where Salon Automobile is held every year, ideal for mechanical students (majority taken by Malaysian in France). It’s location can be considered strategic as it is situated in the middle of Paris, the capital and Marseille (South Region).

Personally, I can say Grenoble is a perfect place to study (I guess everyone’s saying this for their town). Grenoble can be, à la fois, une grande ville moderne et à la fois une petite ville tranquille.

In terms of universities, you can find all type of establishment!

Ecoles : INP Grenoble, Polytech Grenoble, ENSE3
IUT : mechanical, electrical, civil, telecommunication
Fac : mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, science po, business & admin

Malaysian community in your city

There’s a lottttt of Malaysian over here! And you can find Malaysians from all generation here whether they are doing DUT, Degree or Master or even PhD! Hot single people or sweet young married couple, you can find ‘Malaysian baby made in France’ too! Lol! It’s like having a whole big family.

The girls used to have Girls Outing on french coffee shops or english bakery. We would sometimes take the little people (children) to walk and picnic in many gardens around Grenoble. And also, we ALWAYS have a weekend for sleepover (for les celibataires) and ‘cooking weekend’ (both celibataires et marié of course).

While the boys, ohhh, sometimes the girls are so jealous of them because they made a great team! They would have football session almost every weekend on campus field. It’s kinda funny to see everyone’s looking for the ball ‘hoi bola kat rumah siapa??’. Once, they even organised Boys Ski Day Out!

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Foods, transportation, lifestyle

We have trams as our main transportation you can get to pay less than 10€ (if I’m not mistaken) monthly if you declare your impôt!

Asian shops? I counted at least 4 ! You can get ‘air sirap’ here!

Your hope on your future, after graduate, job prospect in Malaysia for your course
These days, I see a lot of my friends around me struggling to find at least a stable job. I would be grateful enough to get a job in my domaine. Alhamdulillah, even though, 5 years ago, there was a bit of complication when I decided to take up the course, I managed to this point, smoothly : I am in my final year, currently doing my stage in the headquarters of VINCI Construction Grands Projets around Paris.

Civil engineering is not a new thing, some might consider it as ‘untrendy’. But believe me, the job prospect is wide all around the world. Especially when you are graduating as oversea civil engineering student. Even in Malaysia, giant companies such as VCGP, Lafarge, Technip, are in search for civil engineering students graduated from France (informations according to MFUC Kuala Lumpur Assistant Director after welcoming French companies to their Career Fair). Local construction companies (UEM Builder, Muhibbah Construction, MMC Construction, Gamuda Berhad) are also in search for civil engineers to be expatriated in international site such as Qatar, Abu Dhabi etc.

Last but not least, do you have any funny/dramatic/scary or any experience that you cannot forget when you living in France?

The two first years when I was in La Rochelle are unforgettable. I remember our very first Raya in France. At that time, there was a tradition where the preparation batch have to organise Raya Celebration on their 2nd year. Instead of attending FP6 (they were in their 2nd year) Raya Celebration in Angouleme, we all (les Rochelais, les Blesois et les Colmariens) went to Paris. I remember staying up late chit chatting in En Yusri (JPA Officer at that time) dinner table with some of my friends while others were snoring harmoniously! Can you imagine around 25 students in the living room and the 8 girls in a king bed in a room? (I think the FP6 were pretty upset as we refused their invitation, just to go to Paris to meet Mickey Mouse in Disneyland)

hahaha the good all days. now everyone has taken their own way…..

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Extra :

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Filles de Génie Civil !

2012-1545 MrsVV3inaugurParvis P copy

Village De Ville (Version 3.0) à Marseille : collaboration entre Département GC Université Joseph Fourier et Ecole Architecture Marseille.

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