What’s your name? When did you arrive in France?

LEE Man Ken. I arrived here 3 years ago.

Where’re you come from in Malaysia? Your previous school?

The capital; the best city in the world: Kuala Lumpur. SASER (Sains Seremban ) , a SBP boarding school.

Where do you live/study now? What course are you taking?

Toulouse, France. Course: Mechanical engineering with a minor in aeronautics.

Why do you choose the current city/university/course? Why in France?

Toulouse? My aim is to be an engineer in aeronautics. And as we know, Toulouse is where the HQ of Airbus (in France) is located. Here is where Airbus assembles their airliners with parts from all around the world.

Do you have anything to do besides studying (business/hobby/works)?

I take pictures (I especially like portraits) for free, as I enjoy making people look good 🙂

Comments on:

Current university, city, environments

IUT GMP Toulouse: A very dynamic school with a lot of activities that are organized (skiing, archery, etc…) A lot of them are free.

Malaysian community in your city

Very friendly, everyone cares for each other.

Foods, transportation, lifestyle

Food is relatively expensive (we’re in France lol), however the public transportation is the cheapest in France (with a student card). A lot of nightclubs around (I don’t frequent them that much though)

Your hope on your future, after graduate

To be able to serve my country in the field of my choice (aeronautics) as it’s an ever-expanding sector.

Last but not least, do you have any funny/dramatic/scary or any experience that you cannot forget when you living in France?

Well, I experienced a lot of things that are real eye-openers, however for me; one of the things that I’ll never forget is my first day in France. The feeling; the smell, temperature, texture, the people, was something that I’ve never experienced before. (France is my first foreign country) It may sound mundane but the fact that after spending 18 years in Malaysia, stepping foot on foreign land for the first time is one of the most amazing and bizarre things one can experience.

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