Bonjour! My name is Yau Jun Jue. Thanks to JPA, I’m now in France to further my study in engineering under JPA scholarship. I’m now studying in ESTACA (Ecole Supérieur des Technologiques Aéronautiques et de Construction Automobile.) in a small French town called Laval.
         ESTACA is a famous engineering school that specializes in aeronautical, railway, automobile, and aerospace. I myself have chosen the field of aeronautical engineering because being able to build an aircraft is my dream since childhood. ESTACA has two campuses where the main one is situated in the outskirt of Paris and the second one is situated in Laval. If you have chosen to enter ESTACA, you’ll be doing two years of cycle préparatoire which mean you’ll have to learn everything in general before you can chose your domain. Basically, there’s mathematics, chemistry (started from September 2010), computer programming, and of course 2 or 3 mechanics subjects. In the beginning of 2nd year, you’re going to choose the field you’re interested in and in 4th year, you’re going to choose the specialisation in your future profession such as aeronautical architecture and structure, avionic and flight command, satellites, maintenance, energy, embark system eco conception etc. And this is the time when you’ll have to, again, chose between the campuses in Paris or in Laval base on the specialisation you’ve chosen because each campus has laboratories which are different from another campus. The lecturers and professors here in ESTACA are all very helpful and kind. I’m highly impressed by their teaching method. Even if our schedule is very packed (approximately 30-35hours per week), but we’re still semangat enough to go to class. There might be one lecturer per semester which is a bit “weird” but this is a very normal case in every school, in all kind of societies. In general I’m very satisfied of the quality of lecturers here and I’m grateful of their understanding and kindness towards foreign students like us.
          And now it’s time to talk about my beloved Laval. So far, there are five of us in Laval and we’re all students from ESTACA. Laval is a small town situated in the north west of France. Basically, it’s not a very interesting town. There’s no discothèque, no big shops such as FNAC, very few bus services after 8pm and no bus service at all on Sunday. But we do have a quite good railway connection. During holidays, all you can is old people strolling in the street with their cute dogs. At night, you can’t even get knocked down by car even if you’re camping in the middle of the road. But but… we still have Carrefour, Leclerc, post office and everything that you’ll need to lead a normal life. All it lacks is just places that offer entertainment which I think it’s actually a good thing for student like us. With less distraction, Laval keeps us to stay in home and hence you can concentrate more on your study! =D It’s not too bad after all. There’s a very nice river flows through Laval named Mayenne. Alongside, there’s a bicycle track and it leads you out of Laval and into some countryside. The view on the river bank is nice and refreshing. From the end of November until January, Laval has Illumination around the Mayenne River. They’ll decorate the bridge, the shops nearby and the trees by lights. Images with story are projected on the walls of mayor hall at night. They decorate even the river! On the first day of this Illumination, they’ll put on fireworks and everyone will gather in the city centre to watch this magnificent Illumination.
          Before beginning my life in Laval, I was staying in Tours where I did my 2 years preparation class. It’s much bigger and more advance compare to Laval and of course with much much more people around. It’s in here that I experienced a lot of sweet memories together with Ummu, Ipeyn, Bha, Ing Yii, Ridhuan, Azim, Matle, Hizami, Bib, Zul, Syazwan, and Amin from my batch. We’re like a big family. Our habit is makan-makan together whenever there’s a birthday or a festival event like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, etc. I’m going to elaborate my sweet memories together with the all of them by photos. ^^
In front of ESTACA
Inside the amphitheatre

Our class photo

Mayenne and its summer deco

Mayenne riverbank


Ing Yii




Khairul Azlan


In the middle,Azim

The 13 of us

Hari Raya celebration in Tours 2008

Our profs in Tours

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