We would like to thanks Monsieur Hanif for the time spent for this interview 🙂

What’s your name? When did you arrive in France?

– The name is Mohd Hanif bin Mohd Zaki. Arrived in June the 2nd 2009. First 3 months in Royan and attended my pre-university programme in La Rochelle.

Where do you come from in Malaysia? Your old school?

– From Dungun,Terengganu. Early education at Sura Primary School, then was accepted to SBP Integrasi Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu.

Where do you live/study now? What course are you taking?

– Currently a 3rd year student at ESIEE Amiens. (Ecole Superiure d’Ingenieur en Electronique et Electrotechnique d’Amiens). Pursuing studies in electrical engineering (Genie electrique developpement durable).

Why do you choose the current city/university/course? Why in France?

– Electricity is one of human needs nowadays and I believe that there will always be high demands in electricity sector. I’ve been keen to pursue my study in renewable energy and ESIEE Amiens was the only Grande Ecole that I knew back then that provided the course I was interested in.

Why France?

– More than 70% of France electrical sources come from nuclear reactors. I thought that maybe France wasn’t a bad place to do my studies in electrical engineering as Malaysia still rely on fossil fuels (natural gas, charcoal, etc.) for its electrical ressources. One day, Malaysia will try to find an alternative energy to replace them.

Why electrical engineering in renewable energy?

Well, it’s been my childhood dream to save the polar bears (huh?!). Besides, the world is warm enough and continous global warming won’t help make it better. Sound cheezy, but yeah, it’s just one of my dreams to make this world a better place for everyone by providing a cleaner energy. That’s what an engineer is all about ay? (To make this world a better place to live).

Why Amiens?

– I didn’t really have much choice. ESIEE Paris don’t have the course that I want, so here I am in Amiens since the last 2 years. The city isn’t too big, yet not too small. Just a nice place for me. But what bothers me the most, I never find any kebab over here which as good as the one in La Rochelle. Bummer.

Do you have anything to do besides studying (business/hobby/works)?

– Enjoy watching movies, go out and travel and play football. Joined my school futsal team last year as a goalkeeper, but not this year. Got injured my fingers.

Comments on:

Current university,city, environments

– The campus of ESIEE Amiens isn’t too big. They have all the facilities like any other univiersities or colleges, more electronics and electrical stuffs perhaps. 4 courses are offered:

GĂ©nie Electrique et DĂ©veloppement Durable (GEDD)
Génie des Systèmes de Production (GSP)
Génie des réseaux informatiques et Télécommunications (GRIT)
Génie Energétique du Bâtiment (GEB)

For more information, feel free to visit www.esiee-amiens.fr.

Malaysian community in your city

– As for now, there are 7 Malaysians all together here in Amiens. We hangout sometimes during weekends and have dinner together at restaurants. Last Toussaint, we had a Deepavali open house. It was fun.

Foods, transportation, lifestyle

Regarding the groceries, the prices are pretty much the same as every where else in France. There’s a bus service all over the city. But, as for me, I normally move around on foot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to save every single penny I have in the bank, but by the time I reach the nearest bus stop, I already reach the city center itself. Concerning leasure activities, I usually join my school for a futsal session on Monday evening.

Your hope on your future, after graduate

I do hope I can finish my study here and bring something back to Malaysia. (Being patriotic much?)
And polar bears, don’t forget the polar bears.

Last but not least, do you have any funny/dramatic/scary or any experience that you cannot
forget when you’re living in France?

– Didn’t bring my passport for a trip to London since I ‘strongly’ believed that I could enter the UK just with my Titre de Sejour. I left it at home beacause I was afraid to lose it during trip. Apprently, I was wrong, so wrong. Ended up buying another last flight ticket at the airport in La Rochelle.

Lesson: Bring passport whenever you’re leaving France.

– Got shot in the middle of the night when somebody rang my door bell. Suprisingly, they used a water pistol.

Lesson: Look through the peep hole first whenever you’re opening your door in the middle of the night.

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