By Mohd Izham ZULKARNAINThina


What’s your name ?

Thinagaran K Haridass

When did you arrive in France?

I arrived on the 2nd of june 2008 as part of the nineth JPA french program.

Where’re you come from in Malaysia? Your previous school?

I came from Seremban and i attended SMK KGV ! Proud to be a georgian!!

Where do you live/study now? What course are you taking?

I’m in Lille at the moment enrolled in 4th year in Telecom Lille 1. As the name indicates it is a 5 year engineering school which specializes in Telecommunication and Networking. I joined this “école” right after my pre-U program in Colmar and I have been here ever since. =)

Why do you chose the current city/university/course? Why in France? What motivate you?

I always wanted to do something in the field of IT and after some research I found out this “école” is one of the best post-bac écoles and since I had a clear picture of where I was heading I did not hesitate between a post-bac école and prepa to name it as my first choice. Why chose Lille? To be frank, besides the école, the strategic location of Lille whereby it is accessible to a few European capitals is one of the reasons why I chose to make it here.

What motivates you?

The fact that I always got something new to learn motivates me. I know this might sound nerdy but given the fact that the IT industry’s evolution isn’t anywhere near slowing down I always taken by surprise by it’s wonders when I learn something new. And obviously fear of failing is another key factor. and it goes hand-in-hand as my parents saying “cepat habis cepat balik!”. I’m not saying that I’m bored of France but I’m just eager to go back home as a professional and serve my family and country!

Do you have anything to do besides studying (business/hobby/works)?

To be honest, I got no much time to have any hobbies. But if you consider watching series as a hobby then you can count me in. As for during the holidays, I do the same thing most Malaysians do in France – travelling and experiencing new cultures.

Comments on:

Current university,city, environments :

It is a great place for a student. The weather might not be tempting but I assure you it is very well compensated by the people’s hospitality! The university/ecole is just extraordinary where most of the professors are dedicated to their jobs! An incredible student life!

Malaysian community in your city :

I got to tell you, it just never stop getting better! I would very much say that the Malaysian Community in Lille never been as this active before. Thanks to the students who never get tired hosting events ! The best part is that this group of young people isn’t afraid to take up new challenges and willing to spend some time for the small yet diverse and proactive community!

Foods, transportation, lifestyle :

You can find all sort of food that you search for and as for the transport the metro is rarely on ‘grève’ since its automatic. (I wonder if its a good or a bad thing :p )

Your hope on your future, after graduate, job prospect in Malaysia for your course :

I hope I could find myself a job in a telecommunication or IT sector back home ! As a developing country, I believe there is an ample amount of sectors to be developed and as a Malaysian I would at least try to contribute.

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