Assalamualaikum ,selamat sejahtera and Bonjour,

The Malaysia France University Centre ( ) will be publishing the second edition of their “Guide to Study in France” which will be published in September later this year.

They need your help to share some of your experiences and interesting stories studying and living in France as a student.

Please kindly download the file here and fill in the questionnaire and send it back to Muhd Faiz Muhammad ( and cc to if you are interested.

Here’s the first edition of the Study Guide which was published in 2010 :;=explorer&chrome;=true&srcid;=0B6KE_CfHpJ0PNDhmMDAwNjQtY2Q0Ni00MjQxLWE1ZDYtMjRkMmY5NDJjMWVk&hl;=en

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