JPA Scholarship

by: Anati Asyran

There are two types of programmes organised by JPA for engineering students studying in France. The first one will commence their A-Level Programme at MFI, UniKL Bangi and follow the same programme as the MARA’s students. In the other hand, the second programme will require students to finish their 1 month language intensive learning at INTEC, Shah Alam before coming to France in the month of June. Then, in France, they will go through another 3 months intensive course of French Language before proceeding to the A-Level Programme in one year at one of the university in La Rochelle, Tours, Angouleme or Colmar. This A-Level Programme is specially planned and organised by the cooperation between SFERE and JPA for the Malaysians students.

After A-Level, students are allowed to integrate in the French education system just like the other French people. They can either enter a public school of engineering (“Grande Ecole”) or a technology institute (“Institut Universitaire de la Technologie-IUT”). After another two years, they could choose to stay in a grande école or to enter a university to finish the master programme. The diagram shown below gives a clearer idea of the education system in France. As for this program, the final aim is to obtain a master in 5 years minimum in any field of engineering that we are interested in.

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  • Kalathevi

    Hi , Thanks for sharing the infor. I am completing my SPM in 2012 and would like to know how do I go about applying for the JPA France engineering. I have been searching on the JPA website for any infor on the course availablity and opening for application but were not successful. Could you help? Thanks

  • ChiefdePub

    Actually you need to wait until JPA announce their intake in newspaper. Most of us applying after SPM or after the SPM results are out.

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