Malaysia as a developing nation still relies on foreign investment to spur economic growth. As the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is attracting french companies to invest in Malaysia, it is utmost important that it is made known to the french companies of the existence of our students, studying in France. Therefore, MASAF is working very closely with MIDA to promote our students and also to strengthen our link with these companies.

The establishment of french companies in Malaysia will also spell better employment opportunities to the French graduates. Currently, MIDA is trying to reach out to the companies that our students are interning with, in order to promote Malaysia as an investment destination. So, we’re personally asking you for a favor to provide us with your internship details.

Thank you for your contribution towards the betterment of our nation.

Internship database of year 2018/2019

Internship database of year 2017/2018

List of companies (XLSX) – Part 1

List of companies (XLSX) – Part 2