Hello fellow Malaysians in France,

Every year, Malaysian students have been facing problem to find guarantor for their accommodation.

Instead of directly requesting PPL to guarantee your place, we introduce you Lokaviz. It’s an agency which proposes the guarantor program called CLÉ (Caution Locative Etudiante) which is a State insurance allowing students without guarantor to have easier access to housing. However, Lokaviz will take 1,5% of your rental each month.

Here’s the website link: http://www.lokaviz.fr/
Click ‘Demande la CLE: Etudiants’ or click here directlyhttp://www.lokaviz.fr/n/a-qui-s-adresse-la-cle/n:473

Here you’ll find all the information you need to post a request.
Nevertheless, we provide step by step procedure.

1. Go to the website, sign up for a ‘student account’ on the website.
2. Click ‘Ma caution locative’ to access the CLÉ request form.
3. Fill in the necessary information.
4. In a few days you will receive an ‘attestation d’éligibilité’
5. Follow the instructions to follow up the request.

Remark : We have learnt that CLE works for student residences, there is NO guarantee for professionel or particulier houses and apartments. This will all depend on the owner/propriétaire. It is always better to communicate with the owner about this before continuing further discussion.