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General Information

Each and every students should possess their own Carte Vitale for reimbursement purposes when they consult a doctor or dentist. By using a Carte Vitale, the Sécurité Sociale will reimburse 60% of the medical expenses, and the rest will be reimbursed by Mutuelle Etudiante. As for JPA, PETRONAS and TELEKOM students, SFERE has subscribed AXA as their mutuelle, which will eventually reimburse the remaining 40%.

IMPORTANT! Always remember to update your Carte Vitale each year (from October onwards) at the machine available in the  Securité Sociale agent (LMDE, SMERRA etc – the one that you have subsribed in your university upon registration). Some big pharmacies will have the machine as well.


Carte Vitale

The application of the card is made by the person in charge in the first university that he/she enters. The process takes quite long, up to three months. In several cases, there are students who never received their card even though they have been in France more than a year. Please go to your agent to make sure that your application is correctly submitted.

In case of absence or non-functional of the Carte Vitale and you need to see a doctor, do not forget to ask for ‘Feuille de Soin’ which to be submitted to the respective agent for reimbursement purposes.

For more information regarding Carte Vitale, please consult the Assurance Maladie website.


Seeing a Doctor

Note that in most cases, a rendez-vous is a compulsory. You may find a list of cabinets médicaux from your university’s infirmary or by searching in the ameli-direct website.

Be sure to find a Conventionné doctors in order to have a full reimbursement.


The same procedure implies for dentist.