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Bonjour, we would like to share with you the recap of our Career Fair 2015 in Paris the other day, especially with the future graduates. This could also serve to promote this event in the future.

Below are the summaries :

1. Virtual Career Fair (VCF)

We have launched a VCF ( featuring a number of companies in Malaysia who are keen to hire French graduates; there are currently 7 companies on board but more will be joining in the coming weeks so do check back regularly.

2. STAR programme for JPA scholars

The STAR programme serves to help JPA scholars serve their bond in the private sector in Malaysia. For more information, do log on to All queries about the STAR programme can be sent to<>; you can also contact En Aznur at<>.

3. Semester Break Programmes (SBPs)

SBPs are short programmes similar to summer camps, where we arrange for students and graduates to meet and interact with employers through company visits, etc. These are sector-focused, and we have programmes targeting the engineering and oil & gas sectors, among many others – many participants have been recruited by companies through these programmes. We’ll be running the next cycle of SBPs in August, and updates will be posted on our Facebook page (

4. CCI France Malaysia

Many French companies in Malaysia are keen to hire graduates like you, as mentioned by Ms Elisabeth Laubel of CCI FM. For more insights, please feel free to contact the CCI FM reps in France, or Ms Elisabeth at<>.

We have uploaded some document regarding our Career Fair. Click on the link below to be redirect to teh download page.

CV and Motivation Workshop




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