The TN50 Dialogue Session is held on 12th of November 2017 in New Jawad Restaurant, Paris. The event commenced by introduction speech from Mr. Jufitri Joha, Vice-President of MBM, introducing MBM to the students, their role in realizing TN50 aspiration and the objectives of the roundtable discussion.  

   One of the challenges that had been actively discussed is the importance of restructuring Malaysian education system as education is a critical component for an effective national youth development. The practical approach in French education system, notably in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is strongly addressed by Nabilla Zulaikha, Vice-President of MASAF, to be implemented in Malaysian Education system in order to have a generation of demanding and analytical youth. This purpose is absolutely in need for clear policies, legal frameworks and budgeting at national to local levels focusing from the very young age of student.

   Other than that, the importance of social associations that support unfortunate youths also had been discussed during the session. Voiced out by Wan Azmanuddin, referring to France as a model of a country that provide social support to youth. Roles of French social aids was discussed for example Centre Allocation Familialle (CAF) that helps housing rental for students. MBM also had introduced to the students different youth associations in Malaysia that help in personal development and opportunities  beyond that.

   The event terminated by conclusion and speech from Mr. Razdan Jamil, Deputy Ambassador of the Malaysian Embassy in France. Among his keynotes are the importance of Malaysian students returning to Malaysia to serve our country with acquired knowledge and qualities from the European; and also the need of social and political awareness in Malaysia despite living abroad.

by : Nasrullah Zulkafli