An article from the First Round Review explains a drastic change in a woman who has come up with a kind of question that could influence many.

Angie Chang, co-founder of Women 2.0 (one of the largest global communities for women working in technology) has been named one of the most influential women in technology. In this robust interview article, she shares tangible tips on becoming a voice of power and persuasion.

Angie’s favourite Quote: “If you speak openly and often, you don’t need to speak loudly”

Aside from giving tips on how to influence the community, Angie also hopes that all the methods proposed by her are taken seriously and the women out there need to continue to take actions to make the changes happen quickly and successfully.

She is delightful to share tips on how to be an influencer regardless of their age and gender. This article is available from the website provided below.

Summarized by Syafi Sayuti