A debate on a tv show in India (NDTV) featuring four panels, mentioned that the best way to empower other is by educating them, not just talking about the academical education but also educate them on the rights and on the laws.

This debate also suggests that, we need to make parts of the problems as the solutions itself (involve men’s group when discussing about the rights).

They also emphasize that, women are individuals, they are not obliged to follow what society has forced them to do (the pressure to get married especially in India).

Towards the end of the debate, they have divided the issues regarding women into two main parts, empowerment and crimes;

  • empowerment is when a woman can make good changes for herself.
  • crimes are when women are being harassed and need the laws to justify.

This debate seems has no concrete final conclusion but had eventually open more interesting discussions in the future.