A study was conducted by IPSOS to explain the Main Issues Faced by Women & Uncertainty of Women Empowerment in Malaysia. In this study, the top three issues facing Malaysian women are sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexualisation of women in the media.

It is common to know that this study by IPSOS across 27 countries in collaboration with the International Women’s Day, highlights the level of people’s concern around the world about some equality problems.

As a result, balancing work and caring responsibilities and gender stereotyping are more pressing issues for Malaysians compared to the global audience. There are also debate issues such as government support for new mothers / pregnant mothers.

This article also carried out various types of arbitration to compare women’s empowerment issues in Malaysia and other countries such as India, Brazil and so forth. For your information, these documents are provided in bilingual (Malay and English).

Summarized by Syafi Sayuti