According to the World Bank statistics, women make up 49.55% of the world population. And yet, there are still injustice happening to women socially, educationally or even economically all over the world. It is with no doubt that there are unions or organizations that exist to help women, but why is this still happening, and could we do something to change it?

These are the things that we, as students, also as human beings would need to face be it now or later in life. This is why we are going to organize the first ever Women Empowerment Forum, to further discuss and share the issues that concern all of us. This would not only allow students to gain more knowledge on the current issues surrounding women empowerment, but also give an opportunity to share thoughts on it. It is our goal to make this event as useful as possible, therefore we really would like to hear more from you, in order to make it a successful event!

We really hope to hear from you, to better organize this forum, and we hope to see you soon!