MASAF which stands for the Malaysian Students’ Association in France was established in 2007 by a group of Malaysian students

Starting from a small group in the beginning, MASAF now represents all the Malaysian students in France, and also serves as a networking platform for the students with the Malaysian French graduates alumni. MASAF is an official students’ association, is registered and recognized by the French government.

MASAF’s management team consists:

  • of the patron, His Excellence, the Ambassador of Malaysia to France.
  • the administrative advisor, PPL-JPA; and
  • three councils which is the legislative council, executive council and regional council.

To ensure a smooth flow and a continuation of improvisation in the association, MASAF holds its’ election every year, giving every students an equal chance to involve themselves directly and actively in MASAF. As an official organization, MASAF wishes to be able to attain the objectives for the benefit of the members and the society as a whole :

  • To guide Malaysian students to adapt to life in France.
  • To search, identify and co-operate with other organisations or companies to facilitate future event collaborations, sponsorship, students’ internship etc.
  • To promote French’s education system and to expose it to Malaysian students.
  • To co-operate with French-related organisations in Malaysia to plan an experience-sharing talk.