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Frequently Asked Question

I am having an emergency. What number should I call?

 Malaysian Embassy in Paris :
+331 45 53 11 85  or +336 32 60 61 84

Sapeurs-Pompiers(Fire station) : 18

Numéro d’urgence Européen (European emergency number) : 112 

Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente SAMU (Ambulance) : 15 


Police/Gendarmerie : 17

Autres Numéros

Urgences EDF (Electricity) : 0 810 33 34 37

Urgences GRDF (Gas) : 0 810 37 37 37

Urgences Véolia EAUX (Water supply) : 
0 811 900 400

I just lost my passport. What should I do?

Visit the embassy in order to obtain an Emergency Certificate. Please bring along with you:

  1. A police report regarding the lost passport.
  2. 2 passport photos
  3. Any Malaysian document proving your nationality (IC or driving licence)
  4. Your flight ticket or any travel document proving your return to Malaysia.
  5. Processing fee of 11€

No telefon KBM Paris : +331 45 53 11 85
No telefon pegawai bertugas : +336 32 60 61 84 (selepas waktu pejabat / cuti hujung minggu / cuti umum)
Alamat kedutaan : 
2bis rue Benouville, 75116 Paris. Metro line 2, stesen Porte Dauphine

Can I use my Malaysian Driving licence in France?

Do you know that we, as students, we can use our Malaysian driving license to drive legally in France? You don’t need to spend hundreds of ringgit just to get an international driving license. But, you must have the translated version of your Malaysian driving license in case you have problems with the police.

And do you know that when you are driving, priority is given to drivers on the main road. But in France, it’s another story in certain area, priority is given to drivers from your right, so if you’re driving straight, you must stop to allow them to enter the main road. Click on the links below for more detail

Here you can find links to car rental sites frequented by students :

What is "Sécurité Sociale" and how to set up a rendez-vous with a doctor?

Each and every students should possess their own Carte Vitale for reimbursement purposes when they consult a doctor or dentist. By using a Carte Vitale, the Sécurité Sociale will reimburse 60% of the medical expenses, and the rest will be reimbursed by Mutuelle Etudiante. As for JPA, PETRONAS and TELEKOM students, SFERE has subscribed ACS as their mutuelle, which will eventually reimburse the remaining 40%.

Your numéro de sécurité sociale is indicated on your Carte Vitale. The application of the card is made by the person in charge in the first university that he/she enters. The process takes quite long, up to three months. In several cases, there are students who never received their card even though they have been in France more than a year. Please go to your agent to make sure that your application is correctly submitted. For more information regarding Carte Vitale, please consult the Assurance Maladie website.

Note that in most cases, a rendez-vous is a compulsory in order to see a doctor. You may find a list of cabinets médicaux from your university’s infirmary or by searching in the ameli-direct website. Be sure to find a Conventionné doctors in order to have a full reimbursement.

In case of absence or non-functional of the Carte Vitale and you need to see a doctor, do not forget to ask for ‘Feuille de Soin’ which to be submitted to the respective agent for reimbursement purposes.

How do I find a "garant" for my new rental house?

Lokaviz is an agency which proposes the guarantor program called CLÉ (Caution Locative Etudiante) which is a State insurance allowing students without guarantor to have easier access to housing. However, Lokaviz will take 1,5% of your rental each month.

Here’s the website link:
Click ‘Demande la CLE: Etudiants’ or click here directly

Here you’ll find all the information you need to post a request.
Nevertheless, we provide step by step procedure.

1. Go to the website, sign up for a ‘student account’ on the website.
2. Click ‘Ma caution locative’ to access the CLÉ request form.
3. Fill in the necessary information.
4. In a few days you will receive an ‘attestation d’éligibilité’
5. Follow the instructions to follow up the request.