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Studying in France

How is life as a student in France? Find out more through this video!

French Education System

Upon finishing Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia, you will need to complete a preparation class or A-levels in order to integrate into the French education System. The recommended graduation level of studies for all sponsored students are at least a master’s degree or equivalent (Diplôme d’ingénieur de grandes écoles). All students will have to go through two years undergraduate studies (DUT ou classe préparatoire ou équivalent) before continuing their studies in postgraduate studies either in école d’ingénieur or université. Find out more in this Malaysia-France University Centre’s page.

enseignement superieur in France
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Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA)

There are currently 2 engineering programmes proposed by JPA Malaysia to study in France. Please refer to the scholarship offer for further info.

FP Programme

Selected students after an interview will be flew to France right after an intensive one month language class at INTEC. They will have 3 month language class at Tours before entering the science preparation class in the Institute of Technologie of their choice (Tours, Blois, Orléans). After the preparation class, the students will integrate into the French universities just like other French students.

PF Programme

Selected students will commence their A-Level Programme at MFI, UniKL Bangi and follow the same programme as the other MARA students. After one year of A-level class, they will have a bridging programme with a host family (famille d’accueil) for at least two month before integrating into the French universities just like other French Students.

Majlis Amanah Rakyat via MFI

MARA has been sending students to pursue their studies in Engineering since 2003. All MARA students going to France are known as PF students. MARA’s scholars are handled by Campus France. The students will undergo the same program as the JPA ‘PF’ students. It means that they will have to attend their preparation year in MFI before going to France, which lasted for two years. However, since 2019, MARA has changed their pattern. The students are having only a 13-month-A-Level program in MFI and will fly directly to France upon completion.

To counterbalance the students’ performance later in France, they learn general crucial subjects for engineering, such as mathematics and physics. They also have french classes to get a strong grasp of the language. For the first and second semesters, the classes are taught most likely 50% in English and 50% in french. For the third and forth semesters, the students are introduced to subjects that they are interested to specialize in, such as chemistry, mechanics, electrics, biology, computer programming, etc and the classes are mostly in french. Like any other programs, an adequate result for this program is necessary in order to guarantee that you’ll be pursuing your study in France. 

To learn more about the choices of course you can make, what kind of university that you want to integrate into and suits you the best, and what level of studies you would like to pursue,  discover further in “French Education System” section!