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Here's some basic knowledge for you !

New Year Anxiety

While we are still in the beginning of the new year, we have come up with ‘Ways to Outsmart New Year Anxiety’ as our Mental Health Campaign Edition 3 entry. The end of the year can be a tricky time for everyone, and particularly for people who struggle with anxiety and depression. Here’s why the end of the year can be so tough, and ways to beat the anxiety and focus on the positive as the promise of another year opens. 💪🏼

Importance of Mental Health

The importance of YOURSELF than many other aspects in life.

Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity and what are its alternative.

People - Teaser

Ever had to fake a 🙂 on a difficult day? Ever said, ‘yes’ or ‘okay’ when really, you wanted to say ‘no’ 😣? Ever comply to others to please them 😬?
Being a people pleaser can come to the expense of YOUR mental health! 🧠

We introduce to you how being a ‘people pleaser’ can affect your mental health. 💚💚💚