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How to Fail from Someone Who Never Did

I used to skip every three steps and incorporate the number into all of my usernames. Even in rankings and competitions, three was often a familiar presence. It was inexplicable, though my fate with the number three was crystal clear.
Three had long been my favoured number, until it glared back at me from a test sheet, embellished with red ink by my professor’s hand.
Twenty-plus fateful years, and yet I found myself betrayed on the most crucial day. Ten joyful years of academic ease but I sensed the grave had been dug, ready for my downfall since day one. Now, three epitomises my failure, one for which I’ve never prepared a manual for.

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What Really Matters?

Every decision comes with an opportunity cost, so do we sacrifice or compromise? Our perspective defines our success and happiness, the trick is the balance and pace in between. The satisfaction you’re surrounded with, are they temporary or permanent? Treat yourself to a moment to truly uncover what matters to you and be honest to yourself!

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Coffee House Discourse

I should take a step back from politics, I thought. I think it was three weeks into my exchange semester. 

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Down the Rabbit Hole…

Down the Rabbit Hole… Monday morning, I wake up, take a shower and prepare for my 9am class. Tuesday morning,

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ex-extrovert pic


Fresh off of a one-year stint studying engineering and a few months into my internship at a radio station, my

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It’s The End Of Marketing

I never thought that marketing can be that detrimental. We are aroused by the beautiful captions, catchy titles, impulse purchases and more!
In this article, from a business point of view, I will discuss why marketing comes to an end and some inspiring tips in response to current marketing strategies. Enjoy reading 😉

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It’s Time To Eat The Rich

Jeff Bezos has gone to space and returned to tell the tale. Elon Musk has bought Twitter and is suspending people who make fun of him. Somehow, they are the richest men in the world. The end is near. It’s time to eat the rich.

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