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Quick Facts

Average Rent : 200€-300€ after CAF
                           (Private résidence)
Monthly transport pass : 20,00€
Last passage of public transport : N/A
Number of Malaysian student : N/A

Interviewee : Brian McSalako NICKSON

Q : Why did you choose to do your study in this city and how did it differ from your expectations?

Brian : I chose the school so basically the city comes with it. I didn’t have any big expectations for the city since I knew from the start that Poitiers is a small quiet town.

Q : What do you like and dislike about this city?

Brian : It’s small, quiet and comfortable to stay in but it lacks activities and leisure hotspots like cinemas and big eateries.

Q : What were the difficulties that you faced here? How did you overcome them?

Brian : I live in the centre-ville and the school is 30 mins away by bus! So I had to make sure I have the bus to take to go to class and it’s a hassle since the buses are not frequent here. It will be a bigger problem if the buses are on strike (which they usually do often). So the best way is to seek help from your friends (so make lots of them, they are all nice!) who can come and look for you in the city center.

Q : What did you like to do in the city for leisure purposes?

Brian : It’s a small town so a walk or a jog is a great way to spend time if you’re into a mix of nature and exercise.

Q : How did you find the locals in the city?

Brian : They are friendly and most of them are elderly.

Q : Share your favourite memory in this city/your department.

Brian: Nothing remarkable. But the only thing that I will treasure here is my friendship with my friends who always helped me and kept me entertained with their company.

Q : Where can you get halal food?

Brian : Not sure.


Interviewee : Brian McSalako NICKSON (3ème année d’école d’ingénieur )

Q : How do you find the teachers and the environment in your department

Brian : The teachers are great, caring and very professional. The school is very active with lots of student activities (even during COVID but with health safety measures in place)

Q : How do you find the international student support in your department/école?

Brian : It has a decent international student support since we receive a handful of international exchange students every year. Many activities were proposed for international students with an efficient organization committee

Q : Describe the student life (Sports, night life, cultural events)

Brian : Back when COVID was not a hindering factor, we have student activities (soirées, clubs, sports, campagnes/pré-campagnes) and according to the clubs, they organize their own club activities and outings. Each clubs and student bodies will be in charge of at least one soirée throughout the year, which are usually organized in the school bar. Our school is active in joining a lot of engineering competitions and most of them focus on projects concerning rockets, airplanes, satellites, and other aeronautics/aerospace sectors (drones for example). If you are a fan of these types of competitions (which are usually supported by the school financially and material-wise), you can participate them and join their respective clubs.

Q : How do you go to class?

Brian  : 30 mins by public transports.