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Quick Facts

Average Rent : 300€ -200€ after CAF
Monthly transport pass : 28€ per month
                                              100€ per year
Last passage of public transport : 1.04 a.m.
Number of Malaysian student : 15

Interviewee : Anis Zafirah binti Mohd Zali and Abdul Hakim bin Ezam

Q : Why did you choose to do your study in this city and how did it differ from your expectations?

Both : A very calm city and I recommend it for those who don’t really like winter. I think it didn’t differ much from my expectations as I was prepared for this when I was in MFI. I did think that the French were very serious but nope, they are actually quite funny and cool to work with.

Q : What do you like and dislike about this city?

Both : I like the weather, the view of Saint Victoire and the fact that I can still get a lot Asian stuff despite living in a small city. I don’t like it when most shops are closed and transportation is reduced on Sunday.

Q : What were the difficulties that you faced here? How did you overcome them?

Both : Their accent is different from what I expected. I had to listen hard to understand what the French were saying. Also navigating through the city, it cannot be overcomed.

Q : What did you like to do in the city for leisure purposes?

Both : Get lost in the city! Check out the cat cafe or go jogging.

Q : How did you find the locals in the city?

Both : Some of them are friendly and helpful!

Q : Share your favourite memory in this city/your department.

Both : I would say hiking and picnic with my friends at Calanques is one of the best memories.

Q : Where can you get halal food?

Both : Super U or the halal butcheries. There are a lot of options.

IUT Aix Marseille

Interviewee : Anis Zafirah binti Mohd Zali and Abdul Hakim bin Ezam (DUT Génie Mécanique et Productique 2ème année)

Q : How do you find the teachers and the environment in your department

Both : Teachers are very kind! They help us Malaysians a lot. The environment in GMP is nice. Students are friendly and help us especially when we don’t understand certain French words.

Q : How do you find the international student support in your department/école?

Both : Malaysians are no longer considered ‘international’ students so all the support that you need is from your French peers

Q : Describe the student life (Sports, night life, cultural events)

Both : Stressful but manageable. You still have time for sports, to go out on Friday nights for dinner/movie night out. You can sign up for sports for one session per week but most activities are during school hours.

Q : How do you go to class?

Both : 5 min walks from current residence.