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Secret Santa

🎵 It’s beginning to look a lot like... Christmas? 🎵

Well, yes of course! Winter is coming, Christmas season is near, and get ready to jingle as we are glad to announce that MASAF’s Secret Santa is back! What better way to spread Christmas cheer than by participating in our yearly Secret Santa event! In Secret Santa, two complete strangers exchange gifts anonymously to get your gifting spirit going.

Send out love 🧡 !

During the event, you will be appointed as someone’s “Secret Santa”, and you will be tasked to surprise them with a special gift. Surely by now there’s a whole lot of gift ideas going through your head but don’t forget that you yourself will be receiving a gift from your very own Secret Santa as well! Santa’s identity will remain a secret. Registration will be open starting from 12pm of December 1st until December 11th 9pm, so what are you waiting for!

 ✨ ✨ A Memorable December ✨

For some of us, this year might have been hectic compared to the others, but let’s forget the past and focus on the present. Christmas presents of course! Teehee~ May your days be merry and bright, and stay tuned for updates regarding the event by following our Instagram @masafrance and let’s make it a December to remember!

To all our participants in the Secret Santa event: we would like to take this time to thank all of you for making this event a success! You have done a great job in spreading cheer during this joyous festival, and we are proud to have been with you this December as you become someone’s special Secret Santa. We hope that in giving gifts as a sign of goodwill, you have been able to receive the joy that comes from giving and receiving.

Christmas, though is an occasion to gather with family and friends, is also a time for you to look back on the year, while the gifts received can also signify a new beginning for the year ahead. And we hope that for next year as well, MASAF will be able to share all the joy and celebration with you in the future events!

Not to forget, we would like to ask for your cooperation to fill in the feedback form for future reference. Once again, thank you for joining our event, and Happy New Year!