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Deepavali week

Ellorukkum vanakkam! With Deepavali just around the corner, MASAF’s Cultural Bureau is proud to present to you Deepavali Week. As the name itself suggests, the spotlight will be on our Indian friends and all that they wish to share about Deepavali throughout the week. You know how the Butter chicken dish originated from India and back at home in Malaysia, we are so used to preparing it the Malay way. Ever wondered how to cook up the original butter chicken? What about the oldest language in the world, thinking about wanting to learn to count in Tamil? If that is the case, then you shouldn’t miss out on our #deepavaliseries ! Starting from the 9th to the 13th of November, there will be contents posted on our Instagram varying from cooking tutorials of scrumptious Indian cuisines, sharing of treasured Deepavali memories to Tamil language classes.

        To spice up the week, you will have the opportunity to also be engaged by accepting the challenge to recreate some of our posts. Just comment on our Instagram posts and we’ll be anticipating your version of the post. Furthermore, you know what’s better than deciding to do a challenge yourself? Having someone to do it with of course! Go ahead and tag your friends to challenge them as well. At the end of the day, show us by posting them on your Instagram stories. So don’t be shy everyone, feel free to hop on the #DeepavaliChallenge !

       Hence, check out our Instagram @masafrance throughout the week to deepen your understanding on Deepavali and to appreciate the beautiful cultures of our Indian friends. Therikavidalaaama!!!!

Day 1

Get yourselves prepared for our first entry of #deepavaliseries: A day of Deepavali by Grab this opportunity to learn about how Deepavali is celebrated by our Indian friends in Malaysia!

Day 2

@polarbear_kiri would like to share about How to make Indian Chicken Curry. Kiri will be showing us how chicken curry is prepared chez les indiens for all of you to try it out!

Day 3

We present you Deepavali with Tavanesh by @tavakid. Check out how Tava celebrates Deepavali far from home!

Day 4

MASAF’S Cultural Bureau is delighted to present you a Kolaam Tutorial by @_ranishah. Ever wondered how to make one of those geometric forms of art called Kolaam? This is your perfect chance to learn!

Day 5

Today , we are happy to present you with Family Traditions during Deepavali created by @_v.aish. While Abi has explained how Deepavali is generally celebrated by the Indian community in Malaysia, Vaishnavii will share with you how it is celebrated in her family.

Day 6

On the last day of Deepavali Week, we wish to present you a Bollywood Dance by @dhivenya. Come one, come all to the finale of Deepavali Week where you will be able to enjoy a virtual Bollywood dance show!

Happy Deepavali

This week has been an amazing week and we believe all of you have learnt a lot of things about our Indian friends and their culture. As the event has come to an end, we would like to thank each of you for your participation and continuous support from the bottom of our heart. We hope that you enjoyed all the posts throughout the Deepavali week. We hope that you have learned as much as we did about the Indian community in Malaysia. Let’s keep on striving to learn more about the diversity of people in this colourful world.

We are really grateful to have all of you in this event. In the future, we hope we can engage you with more interesting events that explore our cultures. As a last request, we would like to have your opinions about The Deepavali Week. It is really important for us in order to improve future events. Any suggestions and opinions are gladly welcomed. You can do so by answering the questions posted on our igstories.

Last but not least, on this beautiful day, we would like to wish Deepavali Nalvaatulkal to all our Indian friends, as well as those celebrating. May the beauty of the Diwali lights fill your life with brightness and happiness and may the new year bring the joy, peace and prosperity in your life! Have a great day and do not forget to always stay safe! Stay tuned for the upcoming events!