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Intel Malaysia


Since its establishment as Intel’s inaugural offshore facility in 1972, Intel Penang has burgeoned from a 100-strong workforce to approximately 15,000 professionals, spanning diverse sectors such as assembly and test manufacturing, design and development, global shared services, and regional sales and marketing. With an initial investment of RM1.6 million, Intel’s unwavering commitment to Malaysia has manifested in a cumulative investment exceeding RM32 billion, alongside a forthcoming RM30 billion infusion for the next decade, amplifying our significant role in contributing approximately 12% to Malaysia’s annual electrical and electronic exports while fostering a critical supply chain ecosystem.
  • 15,000 employees in total with female employees making up 40% of the workforce.
  • 98% of our employees are Malaysian.
  • 40% Technical women workforce.
  • 850 patents to date
  • >RM32 billion Investment in Malaysia since 1972.
  • Around 20% of Malaysia’s electrical & electronics exports contributed by Intel Malaysia.



Why work with us:

  • Rewarding Career. Rewarding Performance.
    We believe the best way to inspire our people is to provide a variety of opportunities that reflect our company values and reward the contributions every employee brings to the organization.

  • On-Site Attractions
    We have a range of on-site conveniences to make your time working at Intel worthwhile, from state-of-the-art gym facilities to spacious cafeteria inspired by Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage. 

  • Lifestyle Benefits
    Whether you are starting a family or in search of a more balanced lifestyle, Intel provides employees flexibility and support throughout the years. This includes children’s education, loan interest subsidies, flexibility and much more!

  • Learning and Career Development
    At Intel, curiosity drives us to change the world. Our employees feed that curiosity by expanding their skill set, strengthening their leadership abilities, and reaching for their personal best. We offer employees a range of opportunities to help with their career development.


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