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Quick Facts

Average Rent : 200€-300€ after CAF
                           (Private résidence)
Monthly transport pass : 11,00€
Last passage of public transport : 23h00
Number of Malaysian student : About 10

Interviewee : Darshan ATHINARAYANARAO
                        Muhammad Nazmi Alif MOHD SAAD

Q : Why did you choose to do your study in this city and how did it differ from your expectations?

Darshan : I get to choose my subjects and specialize in exactly what I want.
Nazmi Alif : Because the course that I want to do is there.

Q : What do you like and dislike about this city?

Darshan : The city is a little small and there is not much to do but an appartment in the city centre is not very expensive and everything is accessible.
Nazmi Alif : I like pretty much everything about this city except for how small Belfort is compared to my previous city which is Toulouse. So you can’t expect Belfort to have everything you want.

Q : What were the difficulties that you faced here? How did you overcome them?

Darshan : Working on an entire project from home, but that is a pandemic related issue and doesn’t reflect on the école.
Nazmi Alif : I don’t remember it because I just enjoy my life here.

Q : What did you like to do in the city for leisure purposes?

Darshan : Sports.
Nazmi Alif : I played volleyball for Belfort but I stopped due to the current situation (COVID). I just do some workout every now and then.

Q : How did you find the locals in the city?

Darshan : Not as friendly as down south but not unfriendly either.
Nazmi Alif : Normal. Friendly I can say.

Q : Share your favourite memory in this city/your department.

Darshan : A trip to Ballon d’alsace with my friends.
Nazmi Alif : The time when I got to play volleyball with French people, and show them my skills. Good ol’ days 😉

Q : Where can you get halal food?

Darshan : There are some boucheries around.
Nazmi Alif : Leclerc

Université de Technologie de Belford- Montbéliard

Interviewee : Darshan ATHINARAYANARAO (2ème année en école d’ingénieur en Ingénierie et Management dès Systèmes Industriels )
Muhammad Nazmi Alif MOHD SAAD (1ère année en école d’ingénieur)

Q : How do you find the teachers and the environment in your department

Darshan : Mostly helpful and the responsable for Malaysian students is great.
Nazmi Alif : So far so gooood.

Q : How do you find the international student support in your department/école?

Darshan : It is pretty good because there is a partner university in Shanghai and as such we can expect a lot of foreign students.
Nazmi Alif : It is okay, I think.

Q : Describe the student life (Sports, night life, cultural events)

Darshan :N/A
Nazmi Alif : Due to the curfew, we can’t do much but when the situation gets better soon, I think we can do sports with friends

Q : How do you go to class?

Darshan : 15 minutes for Sevenans Campus, 5-10 for Belfort campus
Nazmi Alif : 20 mins from the centre ville