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Quick Facts

Average Rent : 200€ – 300€ after CAF
Monthly transport pass : Free
Last passage of public transport : Undefined
Number of Malaysian student : Less than 15

Interviewee : Xi Yuen Tai

Q : Why did you choose to do your study in this city and how did it differ from your expectations?

Xi Yuen : I like the school’s system. We have less classes and we’re allowed to choose our own subjects.

Q : What do you like and dislike about this city?

Xi Yuen : I like the people here. They are nicer and are more patient than most people that I’ve met previously. However I dislike the fact that it’s a pretty small city.

Q : What were the difficulties that you faced here? How did you overcome them?

Xi Yuen : Less hours of classes means more self-studying done at home to catch up with the syllabus. There’s an FB group with all UTCéens in it, if we have any problem, and I mean ANY, we just have to ask a question and people will readily advise us and offer us solutions.

Q : What did you like to do in the city for leisure purposes?

Xi Yuen : Jog along the Bord de l’Oise, go to the park, go for a swim

Q : How did you find the locals in the city?

Xi Yuen : The locals are very nice and warm.

Q : Share your favourite memory in this city/your department.

Xi Yuen : Making friends with each and every one of the students, they are all extremely friendly and open-minded.

Q : Where can you get halal food?

Xi Yuen : In the supermarket

Université Technologie de Compiègne

Interviewee : Xi Yuen Tai (1ère année en Génie Urbain)

Q : How do you find the teachers and the environment in your department

Xi Yuen : They are patient and value hardworking students.

Q : How do you find the international student support in your department/école?

Xi Yuen : It’s better than I expected. There’s an international students association in school and they’ve organised lots of fun activities for us. I met a lot of new friends.

Q : Describe the student life (Sports, night life, cultural events)

Xi Yuen : There are plenty of associations and sports activities here. Lesser class hours allows you to spend more time on extracurricular activities. The well-being of the students is pretty well taken care of.

Q : How do you go to class?

Xi Yuen : Depends on where the classes will be held. 13- 20 minutes by foot or 5 minutes by bus.