Most frequent questions and answers
In short, yes. But, it is adviced that you have the translated version of it in case you have problems with the police. Read more here.

Don’t panic. You just only need to follow these steps here.

Instead of directly requesting PPL to guarantee your place, we introduce you Lokaviz. It’s an agency which proposes the guarantor program called CLÉ (Caution Locative Etudiante) which is a State insurance allowing students without guarantor to have easier access to housing. Read more here.

You can go to Student portal and click the Internship database. There you can find all the companies that our students have worked before.


Upcoming event

MASAF Graduation Day 2019

Years of hard work, late night sleep, and your longing for home, ça en vaut la peine! It’s time to reward yourself and toss the graduation cap with MASAF annual event, MASAF Graduation Day 2019! This event is held to celebrate every Malaysian graduate student in France of the year while creating a day of joy that deserved to be remembered for you and your loved ones.