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Spooky Season has finally arrived!

This year, in conjunction with the Halloween month, MASAF’s Cultural Bureau is organising Spooktober, a month in which you can express your darker and spooky side to your friends. A couple of activities will be held during this month, Horror Story sharing and a Costume contest!

Trick or Treat

If you have lots of scary stories to tell, then do not hesitate to participate in the first activity, as every Friday night of October, MASAF will share the scary stories of yours on our social media platforms for the pleasure of others.

And if you feel like dressing up as your favourite characters and you want to show it to the world, then participate in the costume contest where you can not only dress to impress, you can also win prizes. To participate, just simply post your picture on your IG and tag @masafrance and use #masafspooktober. Extra points will be given to those posting on their feed. There’s a chance for you to be one of the three lucky winners!

Rules & Regulations

We hope that with Spooktober, we will have a spooky good time together!

Thank You and Feedback

Dear all, it is with great pleasure that we have come to the end of MASAF’s Spooktober 2021! Thank you to each and everyone of you who has joined us by putting in effort and participating, no matter how small you may have contributed to this event.

Before we bid Spooktober goodbye, we want to remind you to help us by filling in a Google doc so you can give us feedback on the event as future reference. Once again, thank you for making Spooktober as fun as it was!