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Rose tints & headphones

What is my purpose? What is it all for? I couldn’t rid myself of the questions that were gushing through my mind. What if pain exists without purpose? What if the only reason we desire happiness as much as we do is because it’s unattainable? How could I regain control over my life if I couldn’t even control my thoughts?
I’m just an ordinary human being trying to figure life out but if you stumble upon this, I write this hoping to find solidarity in solitude and company in building our realities.

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How to Fail from Someone Who Never Did

I used to skip every three steps and incorporate the number into all of my usernames. Even in rankings and competitions, three was often a familiar presence. It was inexplicable, though my fate with the number three was crystal clear.
Three had long been my favoured number, until it glared back at me from a test sheet, embellished with red ink by my professor’s hand.
Twenty-plus fateful years, and yet I found myself betrayed on the most crucial day. Ten joyful years of academic ease but I sensed the grave had been dug, ready for my downfall since day one. Now, three epitomises my failure, one for which I’ve never prepared a manual for.

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What Really Matters?

Every decision comes with an opportunity cost, so do we sacrifice or compromise? Our perspective defines our success and happiness, the trick is the balance and pace in between. The satisfaction you’re surrounded with, are they temporary or permanent? Treat yourself to a moment to truly uncover what matters to you and be honest to yourself!

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Stray Cat’s Guide to the Concrete Jungle

If you stumble upon this, then the likelihood of you being a stray cat is very much likely. Well, you’re in luck, duck (or perhaps cat)! No more pootling your paws down the niffing alley. No more devouring the jettisons of hoomans. This is your most trusted and reliable guide to survive in the concrete jungle of wires and cables, written by yours truly, Captain Copurrnicus Meowington.

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It Seems Like Nobody Wants To Have Hobbies These Days

Imagine you’re only just meeting me for the first time. We’ve already breezed through the typical questions but we’re aware that we’re steadily running out of things to say.
There’s a lull. The conversation then turns, as it often does, to the subject of hobbies. You ask me about mine. I do the polite thing and ask you about yours in turn.
There’s a silence. And then a shrug. And then a I don’t think I have one, to be honest… I just don’t have the time.

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